There Is A Problem With The Settings Of The Dll Rundll32.exe

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    Last week some of our readers reported that they encountered the rundll32.exe dll settings. EXE. As you can see from the details, the executable file rundll32.exe is located in the “RUN DLL” or in the dynamic link libraries (below is the DLL definition from MSDN). A dynamic link library (DLL) is a module that contains functions and data that can be easily used by another element (application or DLL) – MSDN.

    Loads and runs 32-bit collections of dynamic links (DLLs). There is no custom control for Rundll32. Reference information is provided for executing a specific DLL using the rundll32 command.

    You will need to run the specific rundll32 command from a larger command line. Open the updated Command Prompt, click the Start button, right-click Command Prompt and select Run With This Administrator.




    Rundll32 can only call operations from a DLL that was explicitly written by Rundll32 when it was called.

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    • 2 minutes to read.

    After looking at the methods for exporting functions by their physical names from DLL [1], I asked myself the following question: how to provide arguments to their DLL, which I run through rundll32.exe. Detailed information was available there. This article summarizes these facts and strategies and presents them in a very easy-to-understand form.

    Rundll32.exe Behind The Scenes

    Serious about the mystery behind the Windows utility rundll32.exe, I needed more information about how it worked behind the scenes. At the time, I knew this could be used for a function exported from a DLL. Assuming we are working with the DLL of our choice, test.dll, this can be done using the following syntax:

    rundll32 .exe test.dll,

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  • Stepping Up – these are some practical ideas on how to pass arguments to this sold function, which is why this job search exists!

    [2] [3] indicates that arguments can be passed nextAs follows:

    rundll32.exe test.dll, name> <â € ¦>

    Suppose this DLL is called test.dll and this function is called HelperFunc and takes two arguments (one and 2), most of which will be (note that there was no space between test.dll and HelperFunc):

    rundll32.exe dll parameters

    rundll32.exe test.One dll, helperfunc 2

    The following entry shows rundll32.exe steps to run the published function:

    1. Parse command line
    2. load the specified DLL via LoadLibrary
    3. Obviously, get the address of the function exported via getprocaddress
    4. Calls the actually exported function and passes the questions specified on the command line.
    5. Unload the DLL and exit as soon as the exported function returns.

    Brief Rundll32 Debugging Demo

    In this section, we use windbg to validate / track alternatives that run rundll32.exe in the background. We know for a fact that the Loadlibrary API (which is just exported by kernel32.dll) calls LdrLoadDll (exported by ntdll by.dll). Therefore, the next actan important step is to leave. And ldrloaddll checks the arguments normally passed to it.

    bp ntdll! LdrLoadDll

    Is rundll32.exe a virus?

    rundll32.exe is the only legitimate process file that is responsible for running all DLL files or placing them in their respective memory collections. Malware programmers create virus mailings and call them rundll32.exe in order to spread malicious adware over the Internet.

    LdrLoadDll is called multiple times, just as the Windows loader loads useful modules into the rundll32 address space. So we wait several times at my stopping point. To see exactly when the DLL we introduced to help you load rundll32, as we said, we need to check these arguments. The LdrLoadDll API has not been previously documented, but a look at the environment leads us to the written documentation of the authorities [4]. We are testing this great operating system for x64 Windows 10. This means that arguments to successful functions are passed in characters RCX, RDX, R8, R9 [5]. R8 Register contains the name of the loaded module. To see which module was loaded each time we see a breakpoint, let’s take a look at each R8 register. As you can see, this register contains a pointer to the _UNICODE_STRING structure, which is the actual name of the DLL being loaded.

    dt _UNICODE_STRING @ r8

    We can also check the call stack and confirm that your call to LdrLoadDll is p comes from LoadLibraryExW:

    Order Code

    To demonstrate the ability to pass arguments to a function that exports using a DLL, I wrote this promo code that, when compiled, exports the main HelperFunc function. The outputdebugstringa API was used to output the output to the DebugView Sysinternal utility and thus track most of that code’s execution.


    The Future screenshot shows the output of DebugView when almost everyone does the following:

    rundll32.exe test.dll, HelperFunc body 2 three


    Bonus 1

    I also made sure that it is possible to run DLLs with extensions for PE independent images such as .txt .crt .random for illustration purposes. The advances were successful, although the DLL did not have this extension.

    runndll32.exe test.One crt, helperfunc 2 three

    runndll32.exe test.txt, HelperFunc one 2 three

    What is rundll32.exe malware?

    Rundll32.exe is a program to run software in DLL files that are part of Windows components. There are also sources using this name, which is why it is often mistaken for a real reliable and reliable virus. There are also days and nights when a file is completely replaced by a file infected with malware.

    runndll32.exe test.random, HelperFunc one 2 three

    Bonus 2

    rundll32.exe dll parameters

    You can also easily test the scan [6] using the technique Powliks received in 2014 to execute toxic JavaScript withrundll32.exe.


      #include #include #define Comment DllExport (linker, "/ EXPORT: HelperFunc =? HelperFunc @@ YGXPAUHWND __ @@ PAUHINSTANCE __ @@ PADH @ Z")void WINAPI HelperFunc (HWND hwnd, HINSTANCE hinst, LPSTR lpszCmdLine, int nCmdShow)    #pragma DllExport    OutputDebugStringA ("HelperFunc completed");    OutputDebugStringA (lpszCmdLine);BOOL WINAPI DllMain (HINSTANCE hinstDLL, DWORD fdwReason, LPVOID lpvReserved)    Switch (fdwReason)            DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH slot:            OutputDebugStringA ("DllMain was executed");            Pause;        DLL_PROCESS_DETACH situation:        DLL_THREAD_ATTACH case:        DLL_THREAD_DETACH protection cover:            Pause;        Returns TRUE; 

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