Solving Winamp Music Locker Problem

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    In some cases, your computer may display an error about what winamp music locker says. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.

    Subject: Welcome to Winamp Locker!Date: 6/21/2000 4:05:49 PM Eastern Daylight TimeFrom: [email protected] (myplay)To: [email protected]

    Welcome to your personal Winamp locker!

    Hi ButBaby37!Thank you for registering with Winamp Locker, which is provided by myplay. You have requested a recording with the Winamp poker player you downloaded. To use our locker, select here to activate it now. With your Locker, winamp, you can store, organize, save and listen to your digital sound collection online – it’s simple and most importantly, FREE! Get the most out of your Winamp locker:

    • Activate your current locker.
    • Get music for FREE.
    • Listen to DJ mixes or create your own.
    • Customize your fan.
    • Set up Myplay email notifications to receive your favorite music.

    FREE titles:Lookrub these FREE songs (see right). Don’t worry if you lose track of your hard drive or run out of space! To instantly add free trains to your locker, just press the green buttons.

    Take a look at your entire Winamp locker:Access Winamp Locker via or You may notice changes in the appearance of your locker if your site accesses it directly from different sites. Rest assured, your music may well be stored in your personal space – in your locker.

    Questions? Publish?If you have a good question, email us at [email protected] Enjoy! Doug Campjohn and David Pacman co-founder of myplay Lama Mike, Nullsoft Winamp
    Free Music Click below to copy music to your locker Alt = “” Jimmy Page and the black crows I live in Greek: never mind Rock and roll finds nothing more exciting than this. kitten Unpublished: Charlotte (Tom Lord Alge Remix) Kitty, made up of four of Canada’s best girls, won the Raw Finals. Take care of Slipknot Godsmack and … Alt = “” WHO TheWhoLive the blues to a Bush / 1999: Live the blues to a bush / 1999: I can not explain Biggest rock stars perform this incendiary live version, most often paired with one of their classics. Click here to find out more.
    You have this news because you have opened the only Winamp Locker powered by myplay. If you have not registered due to Winamp-Locker, otpPlease send an email to [email protected] with “Close Account” in the subject line so we can take care of that.

    ———————– ————————— – —–Return-Path: headers <.myplay.fn5bak3.0>Received: via ( []) via (v74.17) which contains ESMTP; Wed Jun 21 4:05:49 AM 2000-0400Received: from ( []) from (v74.17) using ESMTP; June 21, 2000 4:05:21 AM -0400Received: Between ( [])from (8.8.8 /) using ESMTP ID ; Wed 20 Jun 2000 01:05:21 -0700 (PDT)Message ID:Date: Jun 21, 4000, 1:05:18 PM PDTFrom: mygame <.mygame.fn5bak3.0>Subject: Welcome to your new locker!To: winamp <.aberbaby37>MIME version: 1.0Content type: text / html; character set = us-ascii

    Speed up your PC now with this easy and free download.

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