Microsoft UI Blue Screen Issues Need A Fix

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    Here are some easy ways that can help fix the microsoft interface blue screen issue. A cyan color (also known as a freeze screen error) can appear when a particular problem causes the device to restart or stop unexpectedly. You may see a blue screen with the actual message that your device has encountered a problem and is about to reboot.

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    What do you do when your laptop screen turns blue?

    These errors can be caused by any hardware or software problem. If you added new hardware to your computer before you got the blue screen error, turn off your computer, remove devices, and try restarting your computer. If you’re having trouble restarting, you can start your standalone computer in safe mode.

    Users have been waiting for a long timeFirmware updates from Microsoft, knowing that the technology provider will eventually fix the bugs that customers complain about in their forums. BSOD

    How do you fix a blue screen?

    Write down the Windows blue screen stop code.Try a specific fixyours for the blue screen error code.Check the latest computercheck for changes for updates and Windows drivers.Perform a system restore.Scan for malware.Test your computer hardware.Run an SFC scan.

    Installation during displayed time after. After rebooting the system, users get another error on the whole Windows Error Update page: – 0x800f0203.

    According to the recent activity on the Microsoft forums, the number of users who have encountered this installation error message is very high:

    I got a blue screen while applying today’s updates. After rebooting, the updates were applied before running directly to continue.
    I went into Windows and clicked the Update button during installation for others that still needed to be applied. Then I get the error:
    * specific Intel Driver Update for Intel(R) Control Logic Error – – 0x800f0203
    I answered you. Try again, there are no sales updates.

    microsoft surface blue screen

    Microsoft’s response to these bugs was posted a day later and didn’t include any listing information:

    Special thanks for a recent post about this reportedand about the error and all problems with the installation (April 19, 2016). We are aware that some customers have encountered an issue with and are actively investigating, so we will provide updates to this detailed thread as they become available.

    Unfortunately, for some Surface Go, Pro 3, and Pro 4 web users, the update process is not perfect and often encounters a painful blue screen of death.

    Blue Screens of Death are a serious problem, which is why they hang on your workstation. As a result, you will lose any saved non-work or school projects, so you may need to prevent them from appearing.

    Remember, when it comes to blue screen errors, the solutions are more than applicable to all common problems reported on Surface devices:

  • Surface Pro blue screen. There are really many reasons for this error, and I would say that sometimes only one specific file can be the cause. To fix the problem, all you and your family have to do is find the problem and follow the quick start guide.on the command line.
  • Surface Pro 4 blue screen. This issue can occur during a clean boot or usually in the middle of a boot process. The best time is to use the command line. From projection
  • Blue screen on Surface Go after update. This problem can definitely occur on Surface As Go Nice. If you encounter this issue, try changing your graphics, your card drivers, or safe collection mode.
  • Pro Surface 3 blue post-update page Once again, when someone knows what works best for you. Safe Mode alone won’t fix the problem, but you can investigate the problem. Also, your DisplayLink drivers may be the cause of this problem.
  • Firmware Desktop Software Check BSOD Stopped Usually, the last BSOD error is followed by a loud error message. Learn how to develop a strategy. In order to fix the problem, you need to do a little research and read what the design errors mean. BSOD
  • surface – book BSOD errors can definitely occur on Surface Book for this reason. If you encounter such an error, pleaseTry the solutions given in the article.
  • How Do I Fix Problems With The Blue Surface?

    How do you fix a blue screen on a Surface Pro?

    Use the command line. You navigate to this file path: c:windowsinf.Update your video card driver. Similar to the +windows S key, explore Device Manager.Enter Safe Mode.Uninstall the DisplayLink driver.Use any third party bsod fixer.Perform a system restore.Turn off Windows Hello.

    1 Screen. Use Command Line

    1. Navigate to this path to Entire file: c:windowsinf
    2. open from the file it contains.
    3. Look for an error message Installing a specific device instance failed.
    4. this error says that it caused a problem with the file (example: oem90.inf).
    5. After you want to find the problematic file, do you really want to run one command from the command line? To do this, follow these steps on Windows:
    6. Press key + X to open Win menu + X to.Select command
    7. is now a string or (admin) PowerShell (admin) in the left pane.
    8. Now run the following command pnputil Oem90 -l:.inf
    9. Of course, if you have some other file you must specify that filename in your command.
    10. Close from the command line and run Windows Update again to install the update.

    According to Surface Go, Pro 3 Pro and4, if you are getting a Surface Firmware Update After bsod, you might be able to resolve the issue simply by checking the log file and running some commands at the command prompt.< /p>

    What causes sudden blue screen?

    bsod is usually resolved by software or hardware drivers. App crashes sometimes result in blue screens when they die, they appear to be broken or buggy. Windows creates exactly what it calls a minidump file when a BSOD occurs. It contains a crash information file and saves it to disk.

    After that, the problem should be resolved and you should be able to install the update with little or no problems.

    3. Enter Safe Settings Mode

    1. Open application configurations. You can do this right away using the Windows keyboard shortcut I +.
    2. Go to the ‘Update & Security’ section, the Settings app will open.
    3. Select Recovery” in the left pane.
    4. In the “Exact button click” area, “Restart next”.
    5. You now have several display options.
    6. Choose Troubleshoot > Advanced > Boot Options.
    7. Now click the Reload button. your reload
    8. After the computer, you will see a list to choose from. Select the desired version of Safe Mode by pressing a key on your keyboard.

    If you’re getting a BSOD on your Surface after flashing an update, you might be able to fix the problem by simply enabling crash mode without.

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